Confessions of a Rockin mom #24: Fears related to 包含 (or lack thereof)

Confessions of a Rockin mom #24:  Fears related to 包含 (or lack thereof)
Everettpuzzle我上小学时,所有能力各异的同龄人都参加了名为““self-contained.”自从我参加通识教育课程以来,我从未与这些孩子互动。这些互动(或缺乏互动)是我在理解Everett时所吸引的异端人士的最初记忆’s 诊断。和我’ll have to confess…这使我永远活着的垃圾吓坏了。我的孩子被典型的同龄人赶走并与学校社区隔绝的想法令人心碎。绝对令人痛苦。此后我很快了解到“self-contained”教室已经成为过去,“inclusion”现在是许多学校的特色。当具有不同能力的孩子在普通教育教室中与同龄人一起学习时,就会出现包容性。有“full 包含” and there are variations of 包含 where differently-abled children are pulled out of a gen ed classroom for speech therapy (just one example). I have no idea what kind of 包含 we will want for Everett, but for now, I know we will push for what we think he needs. I’我肯定是这个地区的学生,年龄较大的孩子的父母正在担任我的老师。同时,Kinderfrogs的好人正在为Everett的下一步做准备…公立学校的主流幼儿园。我非常感谢Kinderfrogs的朋友。埃弗里特(Everett)正在为“real world”在那里报名。我也是。这张照片是埃弗里特(Everett)在学前班努力学习的人之一。

I’ll add…I hear some school districts are better than others at 包含. I also hear that the administrators at the school (i.e. the principal) can make or break the 包含 system in place. I have also heard that the conversations that parents have with their typically developing kiddos directly impact the 包含 systems in place. Please talk to your children about acceptance and 包含. Those conversations trickle upwards to school administrators and appropriate changes/enhancements can be made. There are still schools, today, that want to shuttle our kids off to the 独立的 classrooms. This needs to stop, and we (as in me, my kids, you, your kids, etc.) have a hand in stopping it.